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Pilot- and towage service

Port of Hirtshals is a versatile port that covers several different business areas, which creates a high level of activity.
Port of Hirtshals offers various services around the clock 365 days a year.

Pilot service

Port of Hirtshals has its own pilot service with authorisation to assists ships entering the port. The port control and the pilots can provide the necessary information about navigation in the port.

Vessels, whose operators are not familiar with the conditions, are advised to use a pilot. Before arrival or departure, information about the current conditions can be obtained from the port control.

It should be noted that easterly winds can result in water levels being up to 1 meter lower than usual, which makes it especially important to use a pilot or obtain information from the port control about the current conditions.

The port control can be contacted by calling Port of Hirtshals on VHF channel 12 and 16 or by phone +45 98 94 14 22.

Payment for pilot assistance is made directly to Port of Hirtshals, in accordance with the price catalogue.


Port of Hirtshals offers towage to all vessels in connection with arrival, departure or shifting.

Towing assistance can be provided with a bowline traction of up to 6 tonnes and up to 14.7 tonnes must be ordered with as much notice as possible and at least 1 hour in advance. However, the port requires a minimum of two hours’ notice.

Towage can be ordered from the port control on VHF channel 12 and 16 or by phone +45 98 94 14 22.


Modtag nyheder fra Hirtshals Havn

Tilmeld dig nyhedsbreve og meddelelser om pressemeddelelser fra Hirtshals Havn.

Modtag nyheder fra Hirtshals Havn