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Circular development projects

In order to promote the green transition and the growth opportunities for both existing and new companies, Port of Hirtshals has established the development company 'Greenport North' in collaboration with Hjørring Municipality, Hirtshals Havnefond and Nord Energi.

The purpose of the Greenport North initiative is to create a commercial growth centre for maritime and port-related companies at Port of Hirtshals. The aim is thereby to attract new green companies and investments to the port and to optimize the conditions for the port's customers. This will be done through facilitation of commercial collaborations concerning symbioses and green business development.

Greenport North's work is based on 5 value propositions:

  1. To facilitate green electricity, green heating, green cooling, green hydrogen and green oxygen as standard facilities at Port of Hirtshals for both existing and future companies - and at competitive prices.

  2. To create a GreenZone for production of green fuels of the future - hydrogen, ammonia and methanol as well as other green products.

  3. To collect knowledge about and create an overview of the available resources at the port and thereby develop valuable green, business potentials through joint thinking and energy symbioses. Residual products and value streams – including heat, electricity, cooling and oxygen – must be stored, converted into growth initiatives, or be used in the collective supply network at the port.

  4. To make an innovation platform for development of new business models and solutions to global challenges. With an open innovation approach and a focus on knowledge sharing, Greenport North will enter into partnerships with companies, ports, knowledge institutions, innovation environments and authorities to develop new business models and solutions to global challenges.

  5. To market the initiatives at and create awareness, expand the network as well as open up business opportunities.

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Modtag nyheder fra Hirtshals Havn