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Fish processing and aquaculture


Today there is a salmon farming/RAS facility in Hirtshals, which is Danish Salmon. Through the latest technology, Danish Salmon breeds environmentally sustainable Atlantic salmon of the highest quality. The operation is based on advanced technology in the areas of water treatment, pumping technology and aquaculture management practices.

Fish processing

At Port of Hirtshals, we have a long tradition as a fishing port.

Today, fish are landed for Hirtshals Fish Terminal from both Danish and foreign fishing vessels. The fish, which is landed at Port of Hirtshals, is of very high quality, and is sold to some of Denmark's best restaurants.

In Hirtshals, we have a close collaboration with the fishermen on how the catch can be done in a more efficient and gentle way, where the high quality of the fish is still preserved.


At Port of Hirtshals, we have a whitefish industry that both buys, processes and sells. In addition, there are companies, large and small, located at Port of Hirtshals, which work with refinement, processing and resale of whitefish and sea products (lobster, shrimp, shellfish).


In Hirtshals, we have a long tradition of working with salmon - both buying and selling but also filleting. In the last year, Hirtshals Laksehub (Salmon hub) has been formed, where several stronger international companies have established themselves at the port, for a stronger positioning on the European market, but also with a view to green energy.

What whitefish and salmon have in common is that they are both a part of the circular symbiosis that exists at Port of Hirtshals, where we want to exploit the fish's full potential and thus also use the residual raw materials from the fish.



Modtag nyheder fra Hirtshals Havn

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Modtag nyheder fra Hirtshals Havn