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Expansion North

New facilities are to prepare Port of Hirtshals for the future

In order to support Hirtshals Havn's continued development and meet customers' future demand, Port of Hirtshals is preparing a major port expansion. The so-called "Expansion North" will  both  improve the entry conditions significantly and optimize the port's facilities.
The development within cargo transport in recent years is expected to accelerate further in the coming years. This is based on the advantages offered by transport by sea in terms of being more environmentally friendly and lowering congestions on the roads. To accommodate this development, the facilities at Port of Hirtshals will be expanded with a new entry and an outer port basin which should improve the navigational conditions significantly. This will make it possible to call Port of Hirtshals with larger vessels and in harsher weather conditions than today. Furthermore, it will be easier for vessels to navigate the port, as well as their loading and unloading opportunities will be improved with further quay areas and ro/ro berths. The expansion will also include more commercial land and parking areas for trailers and lorries.

- Improved facilities at the port should enable the transport sector to plan transport solutions which are environmentally more friendly and economically stronger than those we see today. This provides the shipping companies, and thereby also the transport sector, with new opportunities, when future logistics and distribution solutions are to be planned in Northern Europe, says Anker Laden-Andersen Chairman of the board at the Port of Hirtshals.

Port of Hirtshals is part of EU's prioritised transport network TEN-T, and the development of the Port of Hirtshals will ensure a better utilisation of the total capacity on the North European sea, road and rail network. The establishment of improved and combined transport solutions is one of the specific goals that the Port of Hirtshals is working towards in order to contribute to an upgrade of the transport industry and make cargo transport more sustainable.

Preliminary draft of the future port expansion. The location and number of wind turbines has not yet been determined.

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Modtag nyheder fra Hirtshals Havn