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Multimodal logistics centre

Our geographic location and well-developed hinterland infrastructure makes it possible to connect the individual modes of transport and thereby create efficient transport solutions.

Ferry and cargo routes
The service network forms the basis of direct transport to a number of destinations in Norway, which makes it possible to utilise the direct sea transport and minimise the extent of road transport of goods in Norway. The total service network at Port of Hirtshals offers efficient and high frequency sea transport between North Jutland, Norway, Faroe Island and Iceland.

In addition to ro/ro-traffic, Port of Hirtshals can also handle general cargo, bulk, containers and project cargo.

Loading and unloading must be done by self-unloading ships or equipment and mobile cranes that can be requisitioned by stevedore operations at the port.

It is possible to reconsolidate goods in Port of Hirtshals, which opens the way for more efficient transport of goods.

Close to East Basin 2 a logistics centre is located with the option for reconsolidation and packing of goods in connection with e.g. distribution in Norway. The logistics centre is open for cooperation with carriers and transport buyers. Contact Port of Hirtshals for more information.


Modtag nyheder fra Hirtshals Havn

Tilmeld dig nyhedsbreve og meddelelser om pressemeddelelser fra Hirtshals Havn.

Modtag nyheder fra Hirtshals Havn