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Green alternative to diesel: Denmark’s largest charging station for electric trucks has now opened in Hirtshals

Later this year, one of Denmark’s first refuelling stations with liquefied natural gas (LNG) for trucks is set to open at Port of Hirtshals. The LNG facility ensures that hauliers have yet another alternative to diesel.

- The transportation sector is increasingly considering the climate by reducing CO2 emissions, and when we in Hirtshals can offer both fast charging stations and liquefied natural gas for trucks, we become even more attractive to companies involved in freight transport. We are at the forefront when it comes to alternatives to traditional fuels, but our ambitions go even further, and we will undertake more initiatives in the coming years, says Port of Hirtshals’ CEO, Per Holm Nørgaard.

The opening of the charging station on Wednesday took place with the participation of, among others, CEO Anders Krag from E.ON Drive Infrastructure Denmark, Chairman of Folketingets Transportudvalg Rasmus Prehn and Lotte Vang, Head of Green Transition at Hjørring Municipality. All of them delivered speeches at the charging stations.



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Modtag nyheder fra Hirtshals Havn