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Norwegian Hydrogen establishes large hydrogen production facility at Port of Hirtshals

In addition to Norwegian Hydrogen and Port of Hirtshals, the following companies are part of the consortium:

  • Vireon will develop and operate a fueling station for heavy-duty trucks at Hirtshals Transport Center.
  • Greenport North supports the project with expertise in port development and sustainability.
  • Hirtshals Transport Center contributes its logistics and transportation expertise, crucial for establishing the fueling station and distributing hydrogen to end-users.
  • Biomega will demonstrate the practical benefits of green hydrogen by replacing natural gas in their industrial activities. Hydrogen will be delivered through a dedicated pipeline connecting their facilities directly to the electrolysis plant, representing a significant step towards minimizing the industry's CO2 emissions.
  • Onnest (previously Lancar Nutri) will explore the use of oxygen and heat in aquaculture and showcase the various applications of the project's by-products.
  • Vendelbo Spedition will demonstrate the use of heavy hydrogen trucks and contribute expertise in logistics and transportation.
  • VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland contributes scientific research and technological development focusing on modeling and optimizing the integrated energy ecosystem.
  • Next Consult collaborates with VTT to implement heuristic plant modelling platform for operating and optimizing the overall energy ecosystem, providing software solutions and analytical expertise.
  • Hydrogen Valley is a consulting firm specialized in hydrogen applications and EU-funded projects.

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Modtag nyheder fra Hirtshals Havn